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1. Level-up of corporate image
  Lifa group is a well established international green technology group with long history, joining us can certainly enhance your corporate image, especially in the field of environmental business. See below for our professional recognitions, patents and academic research paper publicized in the past years.
2. Control of technology & quality
  Lifa group has its own R&D and QC centers. Product lines are controlled so that the service
quality of our partners worldwide using our equipments can be well maintained.
3. International tech-support
  Lifa has its international technical support team travels everyday around the world to
support our partners for large scale projects.
4. Profitable business with bright future
  The general environment is not getting better, with poor outdoor air quality and increasing
threat of bacteria or viruses, and hence the need of IAQ optimization is certainly a must in
the future. Project scales can be as large as setting up the whole air quality control
system for a building, factory or a mass transit station, a lot more of the job references
of can be seen in here: (job reference pages).
Hundreds of patented technologies are held by the Lifa Group, and here are some of the examples for your reference:
Lifa apparatus and receiver for cleaning channels for air conditioning (Pat. CN 1217751C)
Lifa Electrostatic Filter construction (Pat. CN 100441308C)
Lifa Filter Device and method for air conditioning system (Pat. pendding)
Lifa Door Arrangement and a method for implementing ventilation in connection with a door arrangment (Pat. CN 101889126B / HK1146100)
Lifa System and method for CBRNE filtration (Pat.pending)(CBRNE = Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosion)

Lifa Explosion proof dust filtration system using inert gas (Pat.pending)

Lifa’s R&D:
One of Lifa's major values is continuing learning and development. Lifa has had a very active and strong relationship with the
academic world and has invested approximately 10% of its income into research and product development annually.
e.g. "Clean and Functional Ventilation System", the project that is coordinated by The Indoor Air Association of Finland (FISIAQ). LIFA`s role in this project is to choose and develop the "Best Practice" methods for inspecting and cleaning ventilation systems. The first part of this project concerning installing and cleanliness of new ventilation systems was finalized in 2002 and the guidelines for existing old ducts are to be finalized soon.
For details of research papers, please visit: http://www.lifa.net/en/research.asp
  We are now expanding our business in Asia, and we are looking for partners with the following criteria
(as priority considerations):
1. HVAC related business with at least 3-year history.
2. With engineer familiar with system design and project management.
3. Having good reputation & healthy financial background.
  For more information, please feel free to contact our Director,
Mr. Apollo Kwok at apollo.kwok@lifa-air.com.
  Hold your hand with us and explore this green business together, join Lifa today!

Success case #1 – Beijing Shelan
Shenlan is our official partner in Beijing, China, whose original business is industrial A/C system sales.

Shelan joined Lifa in 2005 as the director of them, Mr. Lee, saw an urge of air duct cleaning in Beijing. Mr. Lee knows about the situation of the centralized air ducts around the city as he had been in the field of HVAC for many years. He was also foreseeing that there must be a need of such professional cleaning service by 2008, i.e. The Olympic Game, held in Beijing.

Shelan ordered their first set of Lifa air duct cleaning equipments in 2005 and starting to build up their own professional service team in the city. And by the time comes, the government and the Olympic committee just invited them to be one of the leading air duct cleaning service providers and set up as a role model to the other companies.

During 2008, Shelan had employed a 200 people team for the cleaning job, and now, Mr Lee and his professional teammates are also the consultants of the HVAC professions in Beijing.

With the support of the Lifa's equipment and technology transfer, Shelan is now one of the biggest air quality managing companies in Beijing, and recently they have developed their own air monitoring system which achieves another big glory of success too! One good example is setting up the IAQ systems for the Shanghai world expo held in 2010.

This is just one of the successful stories among Lifa's partners around the world. Do you want to be the next Shenlan? We will support you all along because we are a team!

For more information, please feel free to contact our Director, Mr. Apollo Kwok at apollo.kwok@lifa-air.com.

Hold your hand with us and explore this green business together, join Lifa today!


Success case #2 – Guangzhou Jlesi
Jlesi Environmental Technology Company is a HVAC cleaning company in Guangzhou. In late 2008, Jlesi started cooperation with LIFA AIR. Since then, its business scale has totally changed.

Before October 2008, Jlesi was weak in Guangzhou market. Cleaning machines of other brands were not efficient to make professional HVAC cleaning. Chinese workers got to spend much more time in their work. Low efficiency and inconvenience also made the Chinese customers very unhappy, especially hotels and restaurants.

After Jlesi bought LIFA AIR machines in late 2008, the business situation has changed largely. ‘I couldn’t believe how high speed was LIFA machine if comparing with our old Chinese ones.’ Says Mr Li Jian Quan, the general manager of Jlesi. ‘LIFA machines are also unbelievably quiet in duct cleaning process that all Chinese customers would like to order our service again.’


Since the brand LIFA AIR is the symbol of high quality and high technology in the world, customers give more trust and contracts to Jlesi. In the past 6 months Jlesi’s
duct-cleaning business keeps expanding. ‘ Our team got to work 18 hours in two shifts recently.’ Besides hotels and commercial buildings, many industry clients are coming to order cleaning service. Clean ducts in factories are the guarantee of good products. ‘Those factories know LIFA AIR machines can make it with EU HVAC standard. They never hesitate to sign contract with us.’ says Li.

Now Jlesi is working in Guangzhou as LIFA AIR partner --‘LIFA AIR Guangdong Service Center ’. Together with LIFA AIR, Jlesi is putting effort to raise the level of professional HVAC cleaning, and raise the awareness of the importance of IAQ in Guangzhou

For more information, please feel free to contact our Director,
Mr. Apollo Kwok at apollo.kwok@lifa-air.com.

Hold your hand with us and explore this green business together, join Lifa today!


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